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Amen Island 18 rating

When an adventurous trio set off for the secluded island of Amen, they're blissfully unaware of the horrors that lie in wait, in this indie bisexual riff on The Wicker Man.

Thriller 2010 91 mins

Director: Mark Harriott and Mike Matthews


As a special birthday surprise, Rick whisks his girlfriend Sadie away to the secluded island of Amen, unaware of the horrors that lie in wait for them. Amen is a place notoriously difficult to reach, and it isn't long before Rick and Sadie, along with their friend Jonny, realise that getting there is the least of their worries; it is escaping that will prove the real problem.

Mike Matthews and Mark Harriott’s down and dirty indie horror gleefully riffs on The Wicker Man, but with added gay sex, voyeurism and assorted backwoods depravities. And its cult film pedigree is further appended by the appearance of sexploitation screenwriting icon David McGillivray (Frightmare, Satan’s Slave).