LOCO London Comedy Film Festival

Comedy gold from the UK’s only international comedy film festival.

LOCO is a not-for-profit foundation that discovers, develops and screens the world’s most original comedy film-makers. We champion the craft of comedy film-making through training, screenings, outreach and funding. We also run the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival, the UK’s only international comedy film festival, hosted at BFI Southbank.

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Comedy201785 minsDirector: Mercedes Grower

Breakups have never been funnier, as Mercedes Grower's all-star, ensemble comedy charts the end of various affairs. With Julian Barratt, Steve Oram, Julia Davis and Noel Fielding.

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Comedy201788 minsDirector: Sean Foley

Julian Barratt is hilarious as the washed-up actor forced to reprise his 80s TV role as a sleuth with a robotic truth-telling eye, to help catch a deranged killer.

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A Man Called OveA Man Called Ove

Comedy2015116 minsDirector: Hannes Holm

A curmudgeon turns over a new leaf in this Oscar-nominated comedy that became one of Swedish cinema’s biggest hits.

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Comedy201197 minsDirector: Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade’s sweet and quirky directorial debut about a Swansea teen’s travails with his distant girlfriend and warring parents.

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All Consuming LoveAll Consuming Love

Animation & Artists Moving Image20119 minsDirector: Louis Hudson

Kevin Eldon voices this oddball, award-winning animated short about a tiny middle-aged man who lives inside a stray cat.

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Shaun of the DeadShaun of the Dead

Comedy200499 minsDirector: Edgar Wright

The original ‘rom-zom-com’: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are the slacker mates tasked with battling a zombie apocalypse in Crouch End.

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Set the Thames on FireSet the Thames on Fire

Comedy201687 minsDirector: Ben Charles Edwards

Two soul-mates steer a course through a decaying, semi-submerged London in this bizarre and blackly comic sci-fi with Noel Fielding and Sally Phillips.

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Black Mountain PoetsBlack Mountain Poets

Comedy201685 minsDirector: Jamie Adams

Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells play criminal sisters who steal the identity of two poets, only to be charmed by the world of competition poetry.

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Hue and CryHue and Cry

Action and Adventure194782 minsDirector: Charles Crichton

An army of schoolchildren fight crime on the bomb-torn streets of postwar London in this ripping Ealing classic.

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Man UpMan Up

Comedy201588 minsDirector: Ben Palmer

Simon Pegg’s date is hijacked by Lake Bell in this effervescent urban comedy, a fresh twist on the British rom-com.

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The Low DownThe Low Down

Comedy200196 minsDirector: Jamie Thraves

Aidan Gillen plays an aimless twenty-something who refuses to grow up, even after he starts dating a responsible estate agent, in Jamie Thraves’ slacker romance.

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Local HeroLocal Hero

Comedy1983111 minsDirector: Bill Forsyth

An American oil-man goes native while on a mission to buy up a Scottish fishing village, in Bill Forsyth’s tribute to Scotland’s irresistible charm.