Ken Loach

Britain’s most garlanded working filmmaker has been an unyielding presence for half a century, rattling authorities and raging against injustice from the campaigning Cathy to Come to his two Palmes d’Or.

Our Ken’s journey has been tortuous at times, from his early innovations in television to a lean period in the early 1980s when he struggled for work, before his renaissance as a vital chronicler of injustice and elder statesman of British cinema. Our selection of works below includes his first feature film (Poor Cow) as well as one of his most controversial and rarely seen documentaries (Which Side Are You On?) alongside his run of recent, acclaimed feature works.

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The Wind That Shakes the BarleyThe Wind That Shakes the Barley

Drama2006122 minsDirector: Ken Loach

Ken Loach won the Palme d’Or for this gripping, beautifully filmed account of two Cork brothers who join the struggle for Irish independence in the 1920s.

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Versus: The Life and Films of Ken LoachVersus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach

Documentary201694 minsDirector: Louise Osmond

Louise Osmond's funny, provocative and revealing account of the life and career of one of Britain’s most celebrated and controversial filmmakers.

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Poor CowPoor Cow

Drama1968101 minsDirector: Ken Loach

Ken Loach’s perceptive, personal, and moving debut feature film tells the story of a young mother’s struggles while her husband is in jail.

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My Name Is JoeMy Name Is Joe

Drama1998105 minsDirector: Ken Loach

Ken Loach's intense drama boasts a majestic performance from Peter Mullan as a recovering alcoholic in Glasgow, struggling with his feelings for a local health worker.

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The Spirit of '45The Spirit of '45

Documentary201395 minsDirector: Ken Loach

Ken Loach's stirring polemical history explores the immense forces that built Britain's Welfare State from the rubble of the Second World War.

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Which Side Are You On? Songs, Poems and Experiences of the Miners' Strike, 1984Which Side Are You On? Songs, Poems and Experiences of the Miners' Strike, 1984

Documentary198554 minsDirector: Ken Loach

Ken Loach’s documentary focuses on the 1984 Miner’s Strike, capturing a range of complicated emotions, situations, and circumstances.

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Raining StonesRaining Stones

Drama199391 minsDirector: Ken Loach

Ken Loach's mid-career classic follows a poor, working class man devoted to buying his daughter a beautiful but expensive communion dress.

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Drama199196 minsDirector: Ken Loach

Robert Carlyle plays a homeless construction worker who falls for an unemployed pop singer in Ken Loach's hilarious yet potent paean to working class London life.

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Ladybird LadybirdLadybird Ladybird

Drama1994102 minsDirector: Ken Loach

Ken Loach’s devastating, important film documents the personal and social battles a woman must go through in order to continue caring for her children.