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Between us is truth, let there be truth between us

Drama 1970 7 mins

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A mysterious cast assemble for this enigmatic art house parody by Terence McDonald. Enjoy unpicking the threads of an uncanny story filled with hints that question reality, like the opening text, which translates as "Let there be truth between us" a quote from Act 3 of Goethe's Iphigenia in Tauris. Due to copyright this version is missing the scenes of Bela Lugosi as Charles Kessler from The Invisible Ghost (1941) watched in the projection room at the start and end of the film.

As the graveyard fades to black we find ourselves back in the projection room and you would have seen Charles Kessler sent into a murderous trace as he sees what he thinks is a vision through a rain soaked window of the wife who deserted him. Terence McDonald (1926 – 2001) was a teacher and a pioneering amateur filmmaker from Derry. He made 35 films in his lifetime covering a wide range of themes such as mental health, travelling theatre, and portraits of his home town Derry. Terence McDonald undertook all aspects of production - filming, sound recording and editing and produced a body of remarkably sophisticated work. This film is courtesy of his son, Peter McDonald. You can watch more of his films on the BFI Player.