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Workers Leaving the Jute Works, Barrow (1902)

A cheerful, largely female crowd makes their way home from work.

Non-Fiction 1902 2 mins Silent


This example of the many 'factory gate' films made by Mitchell & Kenyon shows a largely female workforce, which helps to identify the unnamed factory as the Jute textile works. The showman, in a bowler hat, glances at the camera and playfully jostles one of the women. There is no attempt to hide the artifice - the acknowledgment of the camera's presence is encouraged.

The film was commissioned by Ralph Pringle, proprietor of the North American Animated Photo Company and a regular collaborator with Mitchell & Kenyon from 1901. The Barrow Herald for February 21 1902 promotes one of Pringle's presentations, announcing a show which included The Mad Mullah as well as Living Barrow.