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Workers Leaving Work at Vickers

Factory gate glimpses at - we think - Barrow-in-Furness

Non-Fiction 1900 1 mins


This example of the prolific 'factory gate' film was almost certainly shot at Vickers' Barrow-in-Furness yard. It's not certain who took the film but the industrious Mitchell and Kenyon did shoot another roll of film at Vickers, available on BFI Player under the title Employees Leaving Messrs Vickers, Sons & Maxim in Barrow (1901). The camera here is placed at greater distance from the works and people.

This item also has a noticeably lower image quality. This is largely due to the different source materials preserved at the BFI National Archive. The other film arrived at the archive in 2000 as part of the Peter Worden Collection, a cache of Mitchell and Kenyon's camera original negatives. This item survived only in the form of an original print - that is, a generation away from what went through the camera with a corresponding loss of photographic information. It was acquired by the BFI as early as 1945.