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Womens March through London

Suffragettes advance from Bow to Baker Street, jostling with the London traffic on their way to the Portman Rooms.

Non-Fiction 1915 1 mins Silent


Forcing the London Omnibus to hang back, the East London Federation of Suffragettes advance from Bow to the Portman Rooms on Baker Street, on Registration Sunday, 15 August 1915. Accompanied by the United Suffragists, Women Writers' Suffrage League and the Forward Cymric Suffrage Union among other groups, they march to protest against conscription, to ask for control of food supplies, equal pay and votes for women. Topical Budget recorded these high-angle shots and released them to cinemas three days later.

Following the marching band, demonstrators and a healthy number of male supporters, banners fly aloft with slogans such as: 'United Suffragists - Votes for women'; 'Women must have man's pay for man's work'; 'British Socialists Party, North Camberwell Branch, workers of the world unite'. Another banner reads 'Follow to the Portman Room' and 'We demand votes for women to protect our homes and wages'.