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Wheel of Fortune

Rich man vs. Poor man - what goes around comes around in this unexpected gambling tale

Amateur film 1958 6 mins

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The Wheel of Fortune is an apt title for this comical 50s piece with a moral message as two punters - one rich, one poor go head to head in what turns out to be a humiliating game of Roulette. Belittled by his wealthy opponent, the tables turn. An exchange of cigarettes for cigars and coppers for cash, signals the crushing defeat, leaving our ‘poor’ hero victorious.

Eric Bolderson, a man who can only be described as ‘Yorkshire through and through’ captured his family, his interests, and life in Castleford on film throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s. ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is one of the few wonderful mini comic features he created. Eric was to find himself on the other side of the camera in 1969 when a colleague suggested he put himself forward for a small role in an upcoming film about a boy and his kestrel. The film was, of course, Ken Loach’s ‘Kes’, and after attending an audition where he had to act out a scene with Colin Welland from ‘Z Cars’, Eric was cast as the farmer, receiving payment of £25. He later said that he felt he was cheating by taking payment as he enjoyed his experience so much.