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Visit to Sunny Surrey

Tired of London life? An aspirational couple move out to the country (well, Purley) in this 1930s advert selling sunny Surrey's suburban dream.

Advert 1935 5 mins


Witness the pull of 1930s Purley! An aspirational couple ditch their London flat for a suburban semi in this (incomplete) advert for the shiny new housing estates of Purley Oak, Surrey. Interior shots of a furnished show home highlight space and design, but the development's chief selling point lies in its quality materials and skilled construction - and proximity to the Pearly Downs golf course.

Purley, now in Greater London, grew rapidly in the 1920s and 30s, with young families attracted by the promise of bigger homes and a green environment. William Webb, a local estate agent, had already piloted the 'garden city' concept for Purley in the late 19th century; his estate privileged ample gardens and individually designed houses. Today, the area remains popular among wealthy commuters: a 2002 survey revealed that Purley is home to some of Britain's highest earners.