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Tufty - Shopping

The lure of a toy shop proves almost too much for Tufty the squirrel

Public Information Filler 1973 1 mins Silent


Beware, unwary child! That toy shop could be the death of you! So distracted by a nearby toy shop that he temporarily loses sight of mum, Tufty - and the young viewer - gets a useful reminder to hold her hand while out shopping. This road safety lesson for Tufty Fluffytail from his mum - and Bernard Cribbins - was one of a particularly well-loved public information series aimed at young children.

One of the most cherished icons of the golden age of road safety films, Tufty was born some 20 years before this 3-D model animation incarnation, originally as an illustrated character appearing in stories for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). A young squirrel with more than a hint of Beatrix Potter (and a dash of The Wind in the Willows) about him, Tufty helped to spread the road awareness message to younger children, while the Green Cross Code Man instructed their older siblings.