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Toddling at Maesmawr Hall, Welshpool

Toddler Rosie Trant is off and running in her capacious knitted trousers, complete with knee patches for all the outdoor wear they will get.

Home movie 1953 3 mins Silent

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Finding her feet: a young Rosemary Trant toddles about the garden of the farm Maesmawr Hall, near Welshpool, in the capacious knitted trousers so redolent of the period, complete with knee patches. On this sunny, spring day home offers a variety of interesting encounters: hens, sister Clare, brother David with towing tricycle, a collie dog, a donkey and mother Janet with a Hohner button accordion, playing music that causes Rosemary to circle around dancing.

Filmed by Ion Trant, who was brought up on Dovea Farm in Tipperary, Ireland, and came to Wales to work initially at the Welsh Plant Breeding Station in Aberystwyth where Janet, his wife-to-be, also worked. He felt strongly that there was an emerging gulf between town and country and welcomed school visits to his farms (Maesmawr and Cefn Du adjoining each other near Welshpool, and Esgairdraenllwyn at Llaithddu, Llandrindod). He also created/filmed the BBC's "Country Close-Up" series for children (1956-62), often featuring his own three in the programmes. As a result of this series, he was offered work as a freelance cameraman on the BBC's weekly farming programme and further afield (e.g. the West Indies).