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Through Ulster 5

Journey through Ulster's popular tourist destinations in the company of American visitors, Olive and Dave Eggers.

Travelogue 1957 17 mins Silent

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A cinematic excursion to some of Northern Ireland's most charming locations. Arriving at Aldergrove airport, we are whisked to a lively Belfast city centre. The streets teem with people and traffic, bright trolleybuses whizzing past City Hall. Next stop, Queen’s University, and then Stormont before we embark on a whistle-stop tour that encompasses picturesque seaside towns and idyllic rural locations.

Originally produced by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board this film comes from the collection of National Museums Northern Ireland. This government department had their own staff that documented the region through stills and moving images and the films they created capture various facets of life in Northern Ireland. The Northern Irish Tourist Board was particularly busy in the mid-1950s to late 1960s, creating films that aimed to sell the region as a holiday destination. This material captures Northern Ireland at an intriguing time, post-World War Two and pre-Troubles. Explore the Britain on Film map to see extended rushes from Through Ulster.