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The Miracle

Elusive evil genius Fu-Manchu holds sinister sway over the forces of life and death, thanks to a strange drug of his own devising

Crime 1923 34 mins Silent


In this deadly episode, evil Dr Fu-Manchu embarks upon a sinister scheme to kidnap prominent men that threaten his mysterious criminal organisation, the Si-Fan. His secret weapon - a bizarre paralysing drug that makes its victims appear to be dead. Can intrepid sleuths Nayland Smith and Dr Petrie - aided by Fu-Manchu's slave Karamaneh - thwart the Devil Doctor's dreadful scheme?

As in other episodes of the popular serial, Dr Fu-Manchu (played by Irish born actor Harry Agar Lyons) can be seen eschewing traditional Chinese garb in favour of a contemporary European wardrobe. His costume here, wide-brimmed hat, long black cape, dark suit and spats, evokes the archetypal mustachios-twirling villain of barn-storming melodrama. Meanwhile, his gaunt visage, piercing eyes, and grasping, claw-like hand movements are strongly reminiscent of the original screen vampire, Nosferatu, who'd debuted on cinema screens just the previous year.