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The Market

Boy meets girl - sifting through the tat and treasure of London’s Portobello Road market.

Amateur film 1963 22 mins


A couple’s cute flirtation turns sour during a day spent sifting through the tat and treasure of Portobello Road market. The film is an impressionistic story of love and sexual violence, which meanders playfully, melancholically, menacingly along Notting Hill’s busy streets and alleys. Over time it’s inherited a documentary-drama quality, revealing the lives of yesteryear’s hawkers and traders.

The film was shot over several weekends by aspiring amateur director Ron Porter and an enthusiastic gang of friends and volunteers, all hoping to break into the film business. Although this would be Porter’s only film, it did provide a start for some of the crew: Nike Arrighi found roles with Hammer, and her sister Luciana made a career in art direction - later winning two nominations and an Oscar - for Howards End (1992).