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The Golden Pomegranate

Detective Nayland Smith takes hold of evil Fu-Manchu's coveted Tulum Nur Chest, only to discover it's been booby-trapped..

Crime 1924 35 mins Silent


Intrepid investigators Nayland Smith and Dr Petrie seize one of Fu-Manchu’s mysterious possessions - the sacred Tulum Nur Chest. A crooked hotel waiter attempts to open the chest, but finds it is protected by two powerful golden pomegranates. Disguised as a drunken sailor, Smith seeks out Fu-Manchu, but his cover is blown and the evil doctor's criminal underlings take the detective prisoner.

This superb episode from The Further Mysteries of Fu-Manchu has everything you could hope for in a 1920s adventure serial: booby traps, bad disguises, poison darts, bandana-wearing burglars, back street clubs, kidnapping, mock funerals, a mummy’s tomb slithering with snakes and death-by-rabid-rats. The eight-part serial was a sequel to Stoll's The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu and featured many or the original cast. This is one of three surviving episodes.