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The Cry of the Nighthawk

A deadly cat with poisoned claws, meant for super sleuth Nayland Smith, is hurled from a tree. Could that master of evil Dr Fu-Manchu be responsible?

Action and Adventure 1923 29 mins Silent


In this episode of adventure serial The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu, intrepid sleuths Nayland Smith and Dr Petrie investigate the strange death of a man from Forest Hill found with his face covered with scratches; their enquiries lead them once more to the Devil Doctor, Fu-Manchu. Meanwhile, Petrie’s stiff upper lip begins to quiver, as he grows dangerously fond of Fu-Manchu’s slave girl, Karamaneh...

The Cry of the Nighthawk is faithfully adapted from the pages of The Devil Doctor (1916), the second novel in Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu series. Fu Manchu regularly employed dacoits – Indian bandits – to do his dirty work.