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The Clue of the Pigtail

Intrepid sleuths Nayland Smith and Dr Petrie investigate the baffling murder of a disguised detective. Could devilish Dr Fu-Manchu be responsible?

Action and Adventure 1923 12 mins Silent


Packed with thrills and spills, this episode in the Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu adventure series sees a dead detective washed up in the River Thames, with a bald wig that has a pigtail attached and lacking three fingers from one hand. Intrepid sleuths Nayland Smith and Petrie search for his notebook – but Fu-Manchu’s slave Karamaneh is also hunting for it...

Sadly, the second half of this episode no longer exists. Suffice to say, after many thrills and spills, Fu-Manchu is thwarted - but escapes to torment our heroes with his devilish schemes another day.