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Tennis match at St Lawrence Hall, Isle of Wight

Join members of Lord Jellicoe's family as they enjoy an out-of-season doubles match at the family home at St Lawrence Hall near Ventnor.

Amateur film 1930 2 mins Silent

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This fascinating short film starts with members of Lord Jellicoe's family, and their visiting friends, posing and mugging for the camera prior to a game of tennis. Even while the game is being played, the shingle-haired ladies continue to lark about for the benefit of the camera. We next see a young man in a fur coat and wrapped in blankets sipping a drink before the film ends by showing Lord Jellicoe himself resting in bed after an illness.

Lord Jellicoe, who is seen in this film, enjoyed a full and illustrious career in the Royal Navy, beginning in 1872 when, as a cadet, he joined the training ship, HMS Britannia. Rising steadily through the ranks, Jellicoe was commander of the Grand Fleet during the controversial Battle of Jutland, in May 1916 and became First Sea Lord in November of that year. During his time as First Sea Lord the convoy system was gradually introduced to counteract U-Boat attacks on Allied shipping in the Atlantic. After the war, Jellicoe was promoted to Admiral of the Fleet and in September 1920, he became Governor-General of New Zealand.