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Teddy Tinling Fashions for Wimbledon

Fashion designer Teddy Tinling and a line-up of Wimbledon women tennis pros showcase the latest stylish custom-made sports wear.

News 1971 3 mins Silent

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Ex tennis pro turned fashionista Teddy Tinling previews his latest collection of custom-made sports dresses, at Kensington High Street's Derry and Tom's famous roof garden on the eve of the 1971 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Created especially for Tennis' top sporting women competing at Wimbledon, the line-up of pros modelling Tinling's creations include Britain's Virginia Wade.

The Wimbledon line-up (L-R) are Julie Heldman (USA), Evonne Goolagong (Aus), Helen Gourlay (Aus), Ingrid Bentzer (Swe), Lesley Bowrey (Aus), and British women Jill Cooper, Joyce Williams, Winnie Shaw, Virginia Wade, Veronica Burton, Sally Holdsworth, Christine Janes and Nell Truman. Tinling's National Tennis Wear for 1971 collection marked the British launch of 'Nandel' DuPont's newest fabric made from Rotofil yarns of 'Orlen' acrylic fibre.