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'T'coop' Goes North'

Sheffield United break Welsh hearts at Wembley, winning their fourth (and last) FA Cup in a 1-0 win over Cardiff.

Non-Fiction 1925 3 mins Silent


The original Wembley stadium was only three years old for the 1925 FA Cup final, which saw Sheffield United lift the trophy for the fourth time. Though Cardiff were beaten 1-0, they returned two years later and became the first non-English team to win the competition. Newsreels also competed for the best camera positions, and although Topical Budget's cameraman may not have been closest to the pitch (look out for a rival goalside), their view was more representative of that of the average spectator that day.

Having already scored in the 3rd and 4th rounds, two in the semi-final, and the winning goal on the day (despite playing on the left wing), Fred Tunstall is understandably given a great profile at the end of the story. Although the film is silent you can bet that any post-match interview featured many of the same footballing cliches as they do today...