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Sussex People's Scrapbook 1938

Sussex Communists march on the streets of Brighton in this remarkable film from 1938, which also features the return of three members of the International Brigade.

Amateur film 1938 9 mins Silent

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This remarkable film from 1938 shows members of the Communist Party of Sussex marching through Brighton and along the seafront. Carrying various banners, activists can also be seen handing out leaflets to passers-by. One of the marches is held to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the Russian Revolution. We also see three veterans from the Spanish Civil War return to Brighton where they march to the War Memorial and lay a wreath for their fallen comrades.

Ernie Trory filmed a number of political events as part of his work as organiser for the Sussex Communist Party, which was founded on championing workers rights, rallying against unemployment and promoting the Soviet regime. It was also a vociferous opponent of fascism, both in the UK and abroad, which included fighting in the Spanish Civil War. Evidence of these activities can be observed through Ernie Trory's self styled 'scrap-book' style filmic review of the regional Party's activities. Ernie Trory's films capture these key moments in the Party's history and in the social history of the South East.