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Summer Travelling

Delayed trains, crowded carriages, and standing room only: Blitz spirit makes a parent's nightmare commute a walk in the park

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1945 1 mins


Picture the worst commute you can imagine – delayed trains, a sweltering crowded carriage and no spare seats. Add in a couple of kids, luggage, buckets and spades and five years of sacrifice, hardship and nightly bombings... Are we nearly there yet? It's asking a lot for a cartoon to bolster the Blitz spirit enough to withstand such travails, but in retrospect this public information short is a jolly affair.

Filmed with minimal animation, this shoestring budget short relies on crisp modern design for its effectiveness. The Larkins Studio, under the artistic guidance of German émigré Peter Sachs, would develop into a ground breaking animation studio that fused experimental spirit with cutting edge graphics.