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Singer Sports and Gala 1954

Singer factory employees prove their sporting mettle in this colourful fun filled film from 1954, documenting the annual sports day and Gala Queen procession at Dalmuir.

Amateur film 1954 15 mins Silent

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Cheer on your favorite Clydebank Singer Factory employee as they compete for sporting glory at the company’s annual sports day at Dalmuir in 1954. From pillow fighting on slippery poles to tenacious tug of war contests, precarious pole vaults and wobbly wheelbarrow races there is enjoyment for any sports fan. Marvel in Singer Royalty as the Gala Queen is crowned amongst a procession of immaculately dressed maidens in colourful flowing gowns; a beautiful sight to behold.

This splendid film was found in the premises of the Clydebank Singer factory in Dunbartonshire prior to its demolition in 1981. The factory was opened in 1885 and produced and distributed sewing machines globally. Tragically the factory closed in June 1980 after almost 100 years of production. Social and Recreational clubs were established in the factory from 1913, when keen sportsman Walter J. Rikey took charge. He established sporting clubs, horticultural societies and music groups and even opened a recreation hall and gardens in 1921. The encouragement of recreation revolutionised the life of factory employees, as this film shows beautifully. Film © West Dunbartonshire Council