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Silver Lining

Bread today and jam tomorrow? Cheerful puppet cartoon with a catchy song sweetens the pill of post-war austerity.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1947 1 mins


Storm clouds may gather but every cloud has a silver lining, or so they say. This jolly postwar animated puppet film for National Savings was made to persuade the public of the benefits of investing in government bonds rather than splashing their hard-earned cash. With rationing and austerity still a feature of late-1940s life, there was little enthusiasm for further scrimping and self-denial. However, the cartoon’s upbeat imagery and promise of sunnier days ahead makes a noble attempt at dispelling the gloom.

This government film is a public record, preserved and presented by the BFI National Archive on behalf of The National Archives, home to more than 1,000 years of British history.