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Shane Fenton & the Fentones - Cindy's Birthday

Snake-hipped popster Shane Fenton - later reborn as Alvin Stardust - sings 'n' twists to his biggest 60s hit in this fab full-colour jukebox film.

Music video 1962 2 mins


This twangy track, replete with echo-drenched Shadows-style Fender guitar licks, provided Shane Fenton with his last 1960s hit single. Shane would achieve his greatest chart successes in the 1970s - once he'd dyed his hair jet black, slipped on his black gloves, and reinvented himself as dark glam rocker Alvin Stardust.

This pop promo was made for the Cinebox - a coin-operated film jukebox, fleetingly found in British pubs and clubs. Pricier than your average audio-only jukebox, Cinebox never really caught on - but its films captured some terrific early 60s pop acts in full colour. Shane name checks and demonstrates The Twist here - a fast and furious pop dance craze at the time - but this gentle, haunting beat ballad, showcasing Shane's distinctive vocal style, harks back to the late great Buddy Holly - right down to some high-pitched hiccups.