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A female protagonist falls prey to the ‘Shadowman’, who stalks his victim before attack. Uses stop-motion animation as well as live action.

Amateur film 1994 8 mins

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Animator and filmmaker Jon Coley’s eighth film completes the ‘Other Realms’ series intended for television screening. Coley enlists the help of friend and professional model Janine Ashton who takes the lead role alongside Coley’s predatory stop-motion ‘Shadowman’ figure, inspired by the Count Orlok character in the 1922 silent horror movie Nosferatu.

The live action was shot in 1994 on location at Harleston's Masonic Rooms (The Old Mineral Works), produced as part of another film, which sadly had to be abandoned due to financial limitations. Almost ten years later, in 2001, Coley created the animated figure and reworked his footage, also adding a soundtrack to create this episode.