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The Future Lasts a Long Time 12 rating

Dream-like short film starring Samantha Morton, in one of her earliest screen credits, as one half of a couple on the run who hide out in the Fens.

Crime 1996 14 mins



This short film is one of Samantha Morton’s earliest screen credits, telling the story of a pair of latter-day Bonnie and Clydes who, after a heist, head out to the Fens to score some drugs. There they find their dealer friend shot and bleeding, and reluctantly they have to deal with the situation...

A British road movie that take us on a dream-like journey from the inner city to the widescreen, barren landscape of East Anglia, David Jackson’s film comes across as a kind of anthem for doomed Nineties youth and a Badlands-style homage to the American master Terrence Malick.