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Settle Wings for Victory

The people of Settle fly past their governmental financial target in this endearing record of community spirit during the Second World War.

Amateur film 1943 12 mins Silent

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The passion and patriotism of the people of Settle is centre stage in this upbeat wartime fundraising film. At the start of the film, the camera weaves through the crowds of shoppers in Settle’s market square as they wave and pose for the camera. However, the crowd’s attention soon shifts from the camera to the male and female military parades that march down the main street.

Throughout the course of the Second World War, the British government actively encouraged the public to contribute financially towards the war effort. As the war progressed, the British government spent ever increasing amounts of money on munitions. At the peak of the war, 55% of the government’s total expenditure was concentrated on the war effort. In addition to “Wings for Victory Week”, which was held across the country in 1943, the government also ran “War Weapons Week” and “Warship Week” as well as many other military fundraising efforts.