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Where and What to See in the Yorkshire Dales

A magical mystery tour through the rich history of abbeys, cathedrals and druid temples nestled among the even more ancient Yorkshire landscape of scars, crags and caverns.

Travelogue 1972 24 mins

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The glory of the Yorkshire Dales inheres in its timeless natural beauty, its ancient buildings and traditions, and its historic associations, which makes this lovingly put together tourist guide as relevant today as it was when made over forty years ago. The Dales emerge here as an organic amalgam of rivers, tarns, waterfalls, villages, ancient traditions, abbeys, castles, butterflies and country pubs.

This film was commissioned by Wallace Arnold Travel and made and narrated by Mansell H. Beard, a teacher at Aysgarth School and keen amateur filmmaker. Wallace Arnold was one of the UK's largest holiday motor coach tour operators. It was formed in Leeds in 1912, named after its founders Wallace Cunningham and Arnold Crowe. In his book on Wallace Arnold, Roger Davies described them as being early excursion pioneers, operating out of Yorkshire but becoming a national enterprise. By 1980 Wallace Arnold operated 290 coaches from its headquarters in Leeds. In 2005 they merged with Shearings to become WA Shearings. In 2007 the Wallace Arnold name was dropped and now the company is known as Shearings Holidays.