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Seaside Holidays

A gallivant around some English coastal resorts with a bunch of 1930s cine clubbers from the North East.

Amateur film 1935 5 mins Silent

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Some carefree cine clubbers indulge in a spot of hedonistic fun in this gad about film of holidays at a few English seaside towns. In Saltburn the group enjoy a stroll in the Italian Gardens and football on the beach beside the iconic pier, now the most northerly in England. The resort’s Pierrot troupe, Bert Grapho’s Jovial Jollies, entertain an al fresco crowd at their pitch on the sands, with Tony Soors on piano and the four unsynchronised dancers including Jean Atkinson.

John Middleton is credited with presenting the first Pierrot troupe on the sands at Saltburn, but he soon sold out to Bert Grapho. The Jovial Jollies held their first variety show in 1899, entertaining Saltburn crowds for the next 40 years of summer seasons with a changing group of versatile performers. Jean Atkinson was with them when their final performance in September 1939 was interrupted by an air raid siren, a few days after WWII was declared. Our roving filmmaker was an early member of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association, first formed in 1927. We have been unable to identify some stretches of coast visited on film but believe locations may be in Southern England.