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Sea Scouts and 'Morning Star'

The 'Morning Star' is restored to its former glory by the 28th Cardiff Sea Scouts at the city's Bute East Dock.

Home movie 1960 9 mins Silent

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MFV 8 (Motor Fishing Vessel), built in Aberdeenshire in 1942 for war service, was acquired by the Sea Scouts in 1960 and renamed 'Morning Star' (although in 1965 it was re-named 'Tawe SA 55'). It took the scouts – ex-pupils of the De La Salle (Preparatory) School in Cardiff – on camping trips to Dale in Pembrokeshire, as seen here, and on an epic voyage to Dunmore East in Eire. Brother Alfred (Herbert Guilfoyle) was Head of the school and founder/leader of the troop.

On Parents' Day, twin Sea Scouts Terence and Paul get a visit at the camp from their family: Mum Joan Mary (nee Oakey), Dad William, sister Carmel and little brother Martin (who later became a Sea Scout too). They all lived together in a house commissioned by William on King George V Drive, Cardiff, complete with a dark-room as he was a keen photographer and film-maker. He became Head of Finance at the Welsh Office. The epic voyage to Dunmore East was the Sea Scouts' final trip on 'Morning Star' – she was sold after the engine failed on both the outward journey (when the Royal Navy assisted) and the return journey, when a tug responded to the MAYDAY message sent as the boat was drifting in heavy seas.