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Promenade - a summer's day at Penarth

Who wouldn’t come to Penarth on a sunny day, when it offers sea, sand and boat trips, the delights of the pier and promenade, cafes to suit all tastes and Mods and Rockers?

Documentary 1967 26 mins

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Penarth’s pier and promenade in all their glory, with voiced over comments from people with varying views of the town. For one it is a “quiet and peaceful” place; another, incensed by the late-night racket caused by youthful motorcyclists, laments the fact that “we have not a religion that will put them in their place”. Whatever the outlook, Penarth provides seaside, Rabaiotti’s cafes, R J Middleton’s Peco Puppets (Punch & Judy), watersports and Mods and Rockers.

Harley Jones, who produced this film with fellow editor Chris Bellinger, hailed from Swansea and worked from 1963-66 on John Grierson’s weekly Scottish Television programme 'This Wonderful World' (broadcast also on the ITV regions e.g. Televison Wales and West). He was the first course leader of Newport Film Unit, later Newport Film School (established at Newport College of Art and Design) from 1966-82.