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Princeton, N.J!

A look at the younger generation's readiness for war, and a pat on the back for crime fighters.

Anthology 1936 20 mins


This magazine broadcast is bookended by two youth-focused stories, and the pall of a second global conflict hangs heavily over these reports. The first sees Princeton University students demanding up-front payments for their probable involvement in future wars, tongue firmly in cheek. The final report - coming from Britain, as per tradition - asks whether malnutrition is creating unfit servicemen.

Although relatively socially conservative in its outlook, March of Time was more than happy to stir up a controversy, and what might have been viewed as an impudent campaign on the part of the Princeton undergraduates is indulged thoughtfully, without patronising dismissal. Necessarily, a second item reinstates some pro-establishment tone; it reveals the methods used by heroic crime fighters to disrupt arsonists.