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Pre Fab Chudleigh

Instant house kits are erected in Chudleigh to meet demand

News 1964 4 mins

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TV reporter Clive Gunnell attempts to explain instant house kits which have been erected in Chudleigh in response to the demand for new housing in the 1960s postmodern era. Prefabricated housing became popular during the Second World War when the need for mass housing became critical and was at first aimed at military personnel and their families. The buildings take about five weeks to complete.

Many examples of sixties pre fab housing exist to this day. Construction materials include steel, aluminium, timber, asbestos or concrete. Today, asbestos as a fireproof material is no longer used but the prefab house revolutionised the housing market even though some were not built to last. Architects use green materials in prefab housing because clients are becoming involved in the design stage with the option of customisations off plan.