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Chudleigh Conservationist

Author Ewan Clarkson talks of his passion for nature

News 1971 8 mins

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The author Ewan Clarkson (1929-2010) shows the small town of Chudleigh and talks of his passion for nature and conservation and ideas for future wildlife preservation. Ewan's books specialise in fictional stories about wild animals, his latest being Halic: The Story of a Grey Seal (1970). He is a keen saltwater fly fisherman and writes for angling magazines on the subject.

Chudleigh is a small town in mid Devon near Newton Abbot on the edge of Dartmoor in the Teign Valley. In 1807 the village suffered a devastating fire which started in the bakery and spread quickly to thatched roofs. The Church of St Martin and St Mary and seven houses remained. The Chuddley Cannons are a Quiddich team in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter in reference to this small town. Quidditch is a growing sport across the world based on the fictional game of the books. A mixture of rugby, dogdgeball and tag it is played with a broomstick between the legs.