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Parade of Troops with Band and Crowds Following

For Britons during the Boer War, a welcome opportunity to support the troops - and march alongside them

Non-Fiction 1900 2 mins Silent


You can sense the support of the British public for the men who were fighting in South Africa in this parade film from the Boer War era. A military band and civic officials march in front of the soldiers and police help to clear a path. Some members of the crowd show their enthusiasm by joining in the march themselves - look out for the man in the dark coat and hat. The young lads taking a keen interest here would no doubt be old enough to fight in the Great War.

While these parades were a good way for the public to show their gratitude, films of such events could reach a far wider audience. The first shot here gives an unexpected close-up view of the marchers, while other compositions take in the surroundings, giving a now-fascinating survey of busy Victorian streets.