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Oxford Housing

Against the odds, same sex couples in Oxford get the right to register for council housing, but for how long?

Current affairs 1982 5 mins

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Another small step towards equality came in 1982 when same sex couples in Oxford were able to register for council housing. There were conditions of course: couples had to be over 35 years old and able to demonstrate that they had a 'stable' relationship, a vague sounding stipulation that heterosexual applicants did not have to adhere to. Even this small concession was contested by the Conservative group on the council, which was hoping to reverse the decision once in power.

The Labour leader of Oxford City Council, Tony Williams talks to reporter Sue Winter in a film that was shot for Central Television's Left Right and Centre programme. Speaking out against the plans is the Conservative councillor Janet Todd. Also providing their views on some of the contradictions in the proposals are Debbie Weiss of Lesbian Line and Richard Pontlin of Gay Switchboard.