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Our Holiday – St Fagans, aeroplanes and high wire act, and Llandudno

Mother and cousin enjoy a fit of the giggles as mother’s young son drives them round the track and father does the shooting.

Amateur film 1965 8 mins Silent

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The Davies family from Aberaeron (Dad [Gwilym] Alun, Mum Mattie and Son Nigel) take a holiday which includes trips out with Bridgend-based relatives. St Fagans Castle, Cardiff, is visited, and Mattie gamely paddles a canoe on Llandudno’s West Shore Boating Lake. Nigel drives his mum and her cousin round a car track – after a miniature train ride - as they giggle uncontrollably. Alun shoots small planes at an airfield and a high wire act (which includes a bicycle) at a show.