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Nude Woman by Waterfall

A model poses in and out of her diaphanous shift in this risqué experiment from British cinema pioneer Claude Friese-Greene

1920 11 mins Silent


British cinema pioneer Claude Friese-Greene, known for his beautiful colour travelogue The Open Road (1926), liked to feature young ladies gracefully posing within a scene. Bordering on the risqué, this earlier short includes a brief glimpse of him adjusting the model's pose for the camera: various takes show this to be an exercise in experimenting with camera techniques and artistic effects. The surroundings are incidental, as the film concentrates on the model's position and movement. Bohemian in style, the scenes echo art nouveau tableaux.

It's possible that the model is one of the Margaret Morris Dancers - later filmed by Friese-Greene in Dance of the Moods.