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Musical Motorcycles - Cachito cha cha cha (Coursée)

The musical motorcycles hit Paris to a Cuban vibe.

Performance 1961 3 mins


Parisian glamour, biker boys and the Cha Cha Cha come together in this cool Cine-jukebox promo film. The music is 'Cachito cha cha cha (Coursée)' a Cuban-infused dance number by Anastacio Mamaril and his Orchestra. Band leader Mamaril was actually Philippino and known internationally as the 'trumpet king of the Philippines'.

Made for the Cinebox, an Italian cinema jukebox that could be found in European cafés and clubs throughout the early 60s, this short colour film is a wonderful snapshot of the UK's cha-cha-changing pop culture landscape in 1961.