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Multi-cultural Fortnight in Cambridge

Welcome to the Multicultural Fortnight in Cambridge where children learn to banish cultural stereotypes learned from TV.

News 1978 4 mins

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Anglia TV observe the play activity of children in Cambridge who are taking part in a fortnight-long pilot project to educate on world cultures, organised by international children’s charity ‘Save The Children’. Led by Workshop Leader David Green, the children learn the popular song ‘Flea Fly Flow’ typically sung in American playgrounds, and then act out what they think is the cultural activity of Native Americans as learned from television, that turns out to be cliché.

Between 1976-1990 David Green served with Save the Children, eventually becoming Deputy Secretary-General. Green was awarded the Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in 1999 and was made a Knight Commander in 2005.