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Pig Farming

First catch your wriggly pig! Pig rearing from birth to market, and the sale of pedigree pigs overseas. A classroom film by Hugh Brandon-Cox.

School programme and Educational film 1964 11 mins

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Intelligent and obstinate, pigs cannot be herded, so nomadic people have never kept pigs. Providing shelter and grazing is just a small part of the pig farmer's responsibility. The pigs have to be handled frequently as piglets and when fully grown for injections, weighing, and for transport to auctions and shows. Filmed in Cambridgeshire, this classroom film shows all the various stages of the pig's useful life.

Hugh Brandon-Cox 1917 - 2004 was an artist, explorer and writer with a particular interest in the artic regions and in East Anglia where he eventually settled. As a child he became interested in natural history and taught himself Swedish, and during World War II served in the special forces in Scandinavia. Inspired by a Japanese wildlife film, 'The Island', he bought a 16mm cine camera and taught himself nature filming. He was commissioned to make educational films, including a year with the Arctic nomads following the reindeer and a study of wildlife in the Lofoten Islands.