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Miniskirt - Passion and Power

News 1966 4 mins

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A woman models the iconic sixties’ miniskirt in the centre of Plymouth. Differing attitudes towards this daring wear as a bold fashion statement are caught on film. Miniskirts took the fashion world by storm in the swinging sixties and define the era. Short skirts were seen as items of dance or sports’ clothing or worn by the film actresses of the 50s in films such as ‘Flight to Mars’ or ‘Forbidden Planet’. Historically short skirts have been worn by soldiers and tribes.

Mary Quant is the most recognised name associated with the miniskirt like André Courrèges in France. Quant opened a boutique “Bazaar” on London's King’s Road, Chelsea in 1955 and encouraged experimentation with fashion. By the 60s many women expressed themselves politically and through new freedoms such as the way they dressed. Did Mary Quant invent the miniskirt? Mary had considerable influence in the mass appeal of the style of the miniskirt or minidress at the time. The popularity of the miniskirt endures to this day but remains as a contentious issue in many cultures.