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Mining Review 13th Year No.12

Pits, quoits and 'Cosie' the hungry baby bear - this cinemagazine offers some wonderful vignettes of life beyond the 'face'.

Cinemagazine 1960 9 mins


While the popularity of quoits (which involves throwing rings over spikes on the ground) had waned by 1960, it was still drawing crowds at Aberdare in the heart of the Welsh Valleys: catch the 19th international between Scotland and Wales. And in news from Hertfordshire it's "a gay day for gay frocks" at a charity garden party organised by the Coal Utilisation Council, whose mascot, 'Cosie' the baby bear, makes a rare appearance, seemingly very hungry!

Also included in this cinemagazine are items on the new Lurgi Gas Plant in Westfield, Fife, and coverage of the Golden Jubilee celebrations at Stoke-on-Trent, where the potteries and the pits exist side-by-side.