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Milford Haven Grammar School - lessons, dinners, play

A day in the life of the Milford Haven Grammar School: food for the mind, nourishment for the body and enough play to keep Jack and Jill bright.

Amateur film 1958 2 mins Silent

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A day in the life of the Milford Haven Grammar School. First comes food for the mind, with lessons in chemistry, woodwork and marine biology, and study in the library. Then it's time to nourish the body with broth and mash. After that, as all work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull, they get to enjoy sports - hockey for the girls and football for the boys.

Milford Haven Grammar School came into being in 1947, having been known previously as Milton Haven County School. In 1964 it moved from its Yorke Street site to new premises in Steynton and was officially opened on 20/10/1964. In 1988 it merged with the Secondary Modern - Milford Haven Central School - to form the Milford Haven [Comprehensive] School.