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Fishguard, Fairbourne and Milford Haven

Fishguard's carnival, Fairbourne's trains, Milford Haven's swimming pool: summer attractions filmed by Fishguard pharmacist J J Thomas.

Home movie 1959 5 mins Silent

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Water cascades down the Claerwen Dam in the Elan Valley, is sailed upon by a beautiful wooden boat with blue sails and swum through by children , enjoying Milford Haven's outdoor swimming pool. As steam it plays its part on the Fairbourne Railway and the Talyllyn Railway (at Abergynolwyn). With the onset of winter (perhaps that of 1962-63) it changes form and the Fishguard streets that were full of floats and fancy-dressed people on carnival day become impassable due to snow.

This footage was shot by Fishguard's pharmacist, John James Thomas, who is seen with his wife Florence Joan nee Lewis and their three children Cherry, James and Judith. J J Thomas was known for making his own, effective medicaments (recipes for which were a secret), particularly a cream for nappy rash and a cough mixture. Milford Haven's attractive outdoor swimming pool was built on The Rath in the 1930s but became Water Gardens in the 1990s.