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Mark Fairbairn Home Movies: White Heather Club, Eyemouth, Scotland / Trawler Launch

Eyemouth, a small town in the Scottish Borders, plays host to a popular BBC variety show.

Amateur film 1967 5 mins Silent


Eyemouth, a small town in Berwickshire, plays host to the BBC's popular variety show, The White Heather Club. This behind-the-scenes home movie footage conjures the sense of occasion which the arrival of the BBC film crew - with their colossal cameras - clearly inspired. At the time of filming the much-loved early evening programme was in its ninth year, but would only survive one more.

With its stereotypical depictions of Scottish culture The White Heather Club came to be regarded as a tad old-fashioned. Is that chap standing in the shadows at one minute in Andy Stewart - the show’s presenter - who was by then an international star? Look out for the launching of the fishing trawler, Boy Peter IV, a reminder of the town's main industry.