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Maidens in Distress

Find out what a picture of a lighthouse is doing among the many maidens in distress?

Documentary 1976 9 mins

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Prepare yourself for a terrifying start to this charming documentary about the East Maiden lighthouse by Roy Spence. Meet the men who bring essential supplies to the lighthouse keepers and join this merry crew on the little Island Magee ferry for an enjoyable day out. This film was made just one year before East Maiden became automated and the need for this essential service disappeared.

Twin brothers Roy and Noel Spence have been making films like this for over fifty years; with subjects including crafty leprechauns, creatures from outer space, fifties rock 'n' rollers and the undead. You can enjoy many of these fantastical creations on BFI player. This film is courtesy of Roy Spence and is held in the Irish Film Archive.