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Mahatma Gandhi Noa Khali March

Remarkable amateur footage of Mahatma Gandhi shot by his great nephew in 1947.

Amateur film 1947 27 mins Silent


Shot by Gandhi's great nephew Kanu, this rarely seen footage documents Gandhi's peace-mission to Noakhali after the Hindu-Muslim riots of 1946. A remarkable record of the great man's movements, the film shows Gandhi greeting villagers and addressing crowds, as well as poignant scenes of rubble-strewn homes and glimpses of daily life; men harvesting coconuts, women dancing, oxen treading grain.

Kanu Gandhi had no formal photographic training but did enjoy a unique relationship with his subject. His privileged access to the Mahatma allowed him to capture a body of pictures (both photographs and film) which are intimate and personal - it was a stipulation of Gandhi's that he would never pose for the camera. Kanu's insider images proved vital in documenting the last 10 years of Gandhi's life, and informed several scenes from Richard Attenborough's 1982 biopic Gandhi.