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Look Round Hereford 1960

The ancient and modern bring life to Hereford's historic city centre.

Home movie 1960 4 mins Silent

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These views of Hereford city centre were shot in 1960 by John Barnett - nostalgic views of a city bustling with half-remembered British family cars and distinctive Midland Red buses. We also see much that has continued to make Hereford a city proud of its heritage, such as the Jacobean 'Old House', a black and white building in High Town, and the city's famous cathedral. The annual May Fair is also on show with the whirling rides adding a dose of thrills and vibrancy to the city.

The Hereford May Fair was originally known as St Ethelbert's Fair and is dedicated to one of the two patron saints of the cathedral. At one time the event lasted for nine days but was reduced to a more manageable duration in the nineteen century to 'improve the morals' of Herefordians.